Weeeell, i think we all know ive had a bad weekend. but lets not dwell on that. today is a fresh start and will (hopefully) go well. it will, it will, it will. determined.

Plan: stop ‘grazing’ and only eat when hungry – but check if thirsty first.

start introducing more exercise other than walking into my life.


Epic Fail

well, the weekend has passed and an epic fail on the healthy food plan. it involved lots of chocolate, big amounts of food, and overeating. ūüė¶

Oh well, onwards and upwards. could have been worse. [insert cliché here]

Still epicly ill, lots of cough syrup for me. not overly concerned with exercise at the moment, still did walking over the weekend and whatnot, but nothing extra as of yet. hopefully a zumba epidemic will begin shortly if Miss KB is agreeable!

water also was pretty dire over the weekend, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh-er start.

Who’d a Thunken..

good morning…

I was going to write about my epic fail with ¬†not buying chocolate yesterday (i did buy it, and it was gooood) but then i weighed myself, and i’m 2pounds down…how? I really havent been eating very well what with all the chocolate munching yesterday, and the evening tv cracker fest last night (i didnt go out-too sick) im fully expecting ¬†to have fat-inflation in the next few days… (yes, I was picturing myself pumping up like a balloon) I guess ill have to keep you posted on whether it does all pile on at once or not…

BMI: according to scales: 30.0, ¬†according to internet, 30.5… I think I’ll take the scales please thanks.

BMI: 30.0

BMI Target: 24.0

To Lose to get there: 38 pounds

Mini target: lose 2 pounds

( I think my last set of calculations were slightly wrong, ill go back and check/change…)

Snacking vs socialising

I have £2. this £2 can buy me some instant gratification snacks, or, it could buy me a ticket to the SU (student union for those who dont know) tonight to go out with some friends.

pros of snacks: yummy, not feeling well and I want sugary sweet nom noms

cons of snacks: not healthy, sugar high for a time but then dips low, will either Crave more after or feel sick

Pros of going out: socialising, calorie burning via dancing, enjoying myself, will feel good being out

cons of going out: not feeling well, possibility of becoming more ill, weird random people who elbow because they want more space. effort to get ready

okay, okay….i know that the reasonable argument went out of the window when i said pros of snack is that they’re yummy.


I’ll go out.

Happy now?


That sluggish feeling…

Cold is definitly getting worse, now in my chest aswell, cant stop coughing up my guts. which is always fun. not.

not a big fan of days like this, where I just generally feel like ive morphed into a giant slug.

“slugslug”… that was my slug noise..

stupid cold weather. wrapping up warm to venture outside might be a good idea….

liquids needed, epic fail yesterday on the water front, a litre and a bit. oops.

task: find clothes that are warm but aren’t going to make me sweat like a pig when walking to and from uni.


BMI. Body Mass Index.

Just discovered I have been in the obese category for the past..oh.. year or so.

A Little bit of an eye opener.

need to be 140 pounds to be back in the top end of the healthy category. feels like there’s a long way to go for that… even though I know to some people it wont be that much, but for me it will be a huge achievement. so, 38 40 pounds to shift. good job I ate all the chocolate I have earlier… oh wait… oops.

ok so im thinking, forget the clothes goals, think more of those as benefits, and set new goals.

Current BMI: 30.9

New mini goal: get a BMI of 29.9  (back in overweight category)

Epic Goal: BMI of 24.0/140 pounds


Evening all…

So I may have been a little non-frugal (non-frugal?! I dont think that’s even a word..what’s the opposite to frugal?) Anywayy,¬†I bought a pair of skinny jeans, that dont fit me – they should because they’re in my dress size but i seem to have to buy bigger in skinnys compared to normal jeans. bleugh.

To be honest, I was still quite frugal as they were only £1! amazing!

My plan is to use them as a measure of weight loss, rather than being obsessed by weighing myself. Dont get me wrong, I will still weigh myself, just now I have a mini-goal to aim for rather than looking at the big goal and feeling intimidated & like I cant do it.

To sum up,

Mini goal: fit into bargain skinnys

Big Goal: fit into tiny bodycon dress without feeling like an overstuffed sausage…(drop 2 dress sizes)