Snacking vs water

Snacking is always a bit of an issue with me. whenever im bored or watching TV or a film i want to nibble on food. usually sweet empty calories like biscuits, crisps, sweets, chocolate.. all the usual suspects. however, i quite like ryvita and snack a jacks. which are supposedly better for you. but biscuits taste SOO GOOOD. . it’s just not the same… part of my issue really haha. I can quite easily sit and eat a whole pack of custard creams. I have done in the past without even realising. today though – not a custard cream in sight. Milk chocolate digestives instead ūüėČ only three.. not a packet. which is a step towards the better. I suppose. Craving more at the moment, will attempt to drink water instead!

Apparently¬†when you want to snack or feel ‘hungry’ you are actually just thirsty. I have noticed that from drinking more water im thirsty more often, and by trying to drink more water im feeling full and sloshy, reducing how much I want to snack. Im thinking maybe i should employ this idea more often. ¬†and not buy biscuits.

targets: finish my water, get some snack a jacks.


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