The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Early start, today, 9am lecture. I feel like a bit of a walking corpse at the moment, definitly caught the bug that’s being going round! not fun. But hey ho, a boost bar will fix everything! so much for healthy eating today.although i did have a very small breakfast consisting of a breakfast bar. saved a few calories there. Kind of…
I’ve been looking at contract phones recently for about £20 a month, but, i also want to join the gym. which is about the same a month (for a basic gym-not for one with a pool and classes etc…) I am very tempted to go for the more expensive gym membership so i can have all the classes and things aswell…whether i can afford £37 a month is a different matter. maybe after christmas once ive paid back the people i owe money to.. eep. going to be more that a little tight this year.

B 🙂


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