Snacking vs socialising

I have £2. this £2 can buy me some instant gratification snacks, or, it could buy me a ticket to the SU (student union for those who dont know) tonight to go out with some friends.

pros of snacks: yummy, not feeling well and I want sugary sweet nom noms

cons of snacks: not healthy, sugar high for a time but then dips low, will either Crave more after or feel sick

Pros of going out: socialising, calorie burning via dancing, enjoying myself, will feel good being out

cons of going out: not feeling well, possibility of becoming more ill, weird random people who elbow because they want more space. effort to get ready

okay, okay….i know that the reasonable argument went out of the window when i said pros of snack is that they’re yummy.


I’ll go out.

Happy now?



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