Who’d a Thunken..

good morning…

I was going to write about my epic fail with  not buying chocolate yesterday (i did buy it, and it was gooood) but then i weighed myself, and i’m 2pounds down…how? I really havent been eating very well what with all the chocolate munching yesterday, and the evening tv cracker fest last night (i didnt go out-too sick) im fully expecting  to have fat-inflation in the next few days… (yes, I was picturing myself pumping up like a balloon) I guess ill have to keep you posted on whether it does all pile on at once or not…

BMI: according to scales: 30.0,  according to internet, 30.5… I think I’ll take the scales please thanks.

BMI: 30.0

BMI Target: 24.0

To Lose to get there: 38 pounds

Mini target: lose 2 pounds

( I think my last set of calculations were slightly wrong, ill go back and check/change…)

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