things that make you go mmmmm

I have a confession…I have a kryptonite. An achillies heel…


I love them. beyond normal food love. I very easily just munch on a whole packet without realising what i’m doing, and by the time i do they’re all gone. eep.

The main offenders, as anyone who has lived with me will know, is custard creams. im not sure what it is, i just love them. alot. i think it may be a problem. haha…. 😐

next up there in the main offenders is chocolate digestives…nom…although these can make me feel ill after a while…or a packet…

and of course, shortbread. i love it. However, i very rarely have this which is good… its difficult to get a really good shortbread without venturing out of shop own brand 😛 so this one is not so much of an issue 🙂


i know what you’re thinking…easy solution, dont buy them. i know this, and i rarely do (anymore) ….but we all slip up now and again, right? At least, i slip up now and then…which i did yesterday when i  bought a packet of undesireable (but delicious) no.1, the custard creams. i dont feel regret for buying them, however, i do feel like im letting people down who are supporting me in my mission. sooo, i did something that mayy sound a little strange. I opened the packet, and put them in smaller bags (4 in each) and then hid them in different places. out of sight, out of mind, but if i do come across them i can think about the reason why i put them there in the first place, and hopefully that will prompt me to leave them. hopefully.



Good evening!

Went to the gym today, have discovered that i burn a hell of alot more calories on the cross trainer as opposed to the bike machine. i wonder why that is?

i have a theory, i think its becuase with a cross trainer it’s alot of cardio, as well as using strength to push the feet pedals down, especially when the incline is high. i could be wrong buut.. meh 🙂

yyay gyym. maybe i’ll go on friday….

Weigh day

My suspicions about being bloated seem to have been correct,  i’ve dropped down again (thank god!) i hope to never see 14 stone again. ever.

Last weeks weight: 196

This weeks weight: 192      a whopping  -4 pounds

Goal: 140

mini goal: 190


planning on gym-ing it this week a little more. from Tuesday onwards depending on my assignment and how tired i am from working… hopefully i’ll still go to the gym anyways!  and even if i don’t, I walk to and from work usually so i’m still getting some exercise.

The bane of my life….

Co-op’s own brand crispy white chocolate. SO TEMPTING. Hard To Resist…failed at resisting yesterday, so that was fun. we’ll see how that affects my weight… 😐 eep.    <<  THE DEVILISH CHOCOLATE…..AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

I would go to the gym and try to boost some weight loss…but that means i’ll have to walk back..change etc… and walk back up the hill…  ok, so i should go. no use in wasting the membership im paying for….

weeell… we’ll see how tired i am later.. i do still have an assignment to do that is due in on tuesday. which i havent started. 😐  . . .


Zumba this evening, didn’t think I was going to be able to do all of it, but I did, which surprised me 🙂 yay. Although definitely had a stitch and shortness of breath ha..

Had a sneaky weigh in today, just to see how i was getting on, and have lost a pound or two – and i triple checked this time ha.. – which leads me to believe that I’ve been bloated over last weekend and on Monday. I have felt pretty sluggish, so I most likely was…

I’ve been back on the water again the last couple of days as well, which I’ve noticed had made me feel better. I need to get myself some satsumas (small oranges) to fend of the winter bugs… my chest hasn’t been feeling too healthy this week. But still, eating well will only help.

REVISED Weigh in

umm….so apparantly i’ve lost 8 pounds in a week. :S i’ve also eaten pretty badly and not exercised much. can zumba and one gym session do all that? i really dont think it can..i must have been retaining water last week aswell… otherwise the world has gone backwards and i can eat whatever i like and loose weight…

anyway, here’s the new stats…

Current weight:  185 Pounds

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 45 pounds

minigoal: lose 3 pounds

i’m kind of dreading what the scales will say next week….

Ok so all of that is completely wrong, my scales seem to have decided to be tempermental and not be correct ever. except for just now when i used my housemates scales to compare. I also reset mine so im hoping that will fix it. But the next time it says i’ve lost a gazillion pounds i shall go and double check against Katherine’s scales.

Therefore, the Actual stats:

Current weight: 196     Gained 3 pounds (as i had expected to)

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 56

Mini goal: lose 2 pounds.

Stupid scales.


A friend of mine has a zumba DVD, and we decided we wanted to do it because i have never done it before and she really enjoys it. We did it today, and it was Great. It didn’t feel like a workout even though I knew that it was, and it was fun. I dont think I’ve ever done a workout that was fun before. One which i would like to do again. Hopefully this will become a weekly activity…

I definitely suggest giving it a go, either going to a class or getting a DVD, because  it’s fab, you sweat, you workout, you have fun, AND feel really good  afterwards!