GYM Update

Induction went well, did a work-out too. mostly cardio with a tiny bit of free-weights thrown in. I like the gym, which is a good thing i guess. not entirely sure how long that will last until i don’t like it so much anymore…

they also do some classes. circuit training, boxercise, and legs bums and tums. might try the latter two to see if i like them or not. however you do have to pay extra, but being a student has its benefits – its not very much, £2 a session. so im thinking after going to the gym fora few weeks ill try out the classes and  see if they are something i would want to continue to do. definitely not doing the circuit training though. wasn’t a fan of it at school, highly doubt i will be a fan of it now!

Goal: burn at least 200 calories each gym session.

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