REVISED Weigh in

umm….so apparantly i’ve lost 8 pounds in a week. :S i’ve also eaten pretty badly and not exercised much. can zumba and one gym session do all that? i really dont think it can..i must have been retaining water last week aswell… otherwise the world has gone backwards and i can eat whatever i like and loose weight…

anyway, here’s the new stats…

Current weight:  185 Pounds

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 45 pounds

minigoal: lose 3 pounds

i’m kind of dreading what the scales will say next week….

Ok so all of that is completely wrong, my scales seem to have decided to be tempermental and not be correct ever. except for just now when i used my housemates scales to compare. I also reset mine so im hoping that will fix it. But the next time it says i’ve lost a gazillion pounds i shall go and double check against Katherine’s scales.

Therefore, the Actual stats:

Current weight: 196     Gained 3 pounds (as i had expected to)

Goal: 140 pounds

Left to lose: 56

Mini goal: lose 2 pounds.

Stupid scales.

One thought on “REVISED Weigh in

  1. you will be amazed at how much weight you do loose doing zumba however, cut out the crap you eat and start drinking more water and this weight loss will soon happen alot quicker then u antisipated x

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