things that make you go mmmmm

I have a confession…I have a kryptonite. An achillies heel…


I love them. beyond normal food love. I very easily just munch on a whole packet without realising what i’m doing, and by the time i do they’re all gone. eep.

The main offenders, as anyone who has lived with me will know, is custard creams. im not sure what it is, i just love them. alot. i think it may be a problem. haha…. 😐

next up there in the main offenders is chocolate digestives…nom…although these can make me feel ill after a while…or a packet…

and of course, shortbread. i love it. However, i very rarely have this which is good… its difficult to get a really good shortbread without venturing out of shop own brand 😛 so this one is not so much of an issue 🙂


i know what you’re thinking…easy solution, dont buy them. i know this, and i rarely do (anymore) ….but we all slip up now and again, right? At least, i slip up now and then…which i did yesterday when i  bought a packet of undesireable (but delicious) no.1, the custard creams. i dont feel regret for buying them, however, i do feel like im letting people down who are supporting me in my mission. sooo, i did something that mayy sound a little strange. I opened the packet, and put them in smaller bags (4 in each) and then hid them in different places. out of sight, out of mind, but if i do come across them i can think about the reason why i put them there in the first place, and hopefully that will prompt me to leave them. hopefully.



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