GYM Update

Induction went well, did a work-out too. mostly cardio with a tiny bit of free-weights thrown in. I like the gym, which is a good thing i guess. not entirely sure how long that will last until i don’t like it so much anymore…

they also do some classes. circuit training, boxercise, and legs bums and tums. might try the latter two to see if i like them or not. however you do have to pay extra, but being a student has its benefits – its not very much, £2 a session. so im thinking after going to the gym fora few weeks ill try out the classes and  see if they are something i would want to continue to do. definitely not doing the circuit training though. wasn’t a fan of it at school, highly doubt i will be a fan of it now!

Goal: burn at least 200 calories each gym session.


Induction today, expect another blog later! the guy who runs the gym is a personal trainer and can help you to devise programmes/use one of his pre-typed up programmes. which will be good because it will give me a routine rather than me just going and ending up doing whatever…

Weigh day

Decided on a weekly weigh-in day. It will be Mondays. I figured I would need to weigh myself before the gym induction.

I automatically lean towards weighing myself in the mornings before breakfast, but I was thinking, is this a good representation of my weight if there’s no food in my tummy? during the day i would gain weight just  from eating – even if i were to eat nothing but salad. (which i wouldnt do…) on the other hand, you are meant to weigh yourself each week at the same time, and i have breakfast at different times and have different things, which would make my weight seem to fluctuate a lot. so maybe first thing in the morning is best?

Gym Bunny

Ok I admit it, I didn’t go up to look at the gym yesterday. HOWEVER, I did go today 🙂 also joined today, induction on monday. so it’s all good…

it’s not a very big gym, but its rarely busy and it’s tucked away in a random place, so i quite like it. the girl who showed me around described it as ‘the dungeon’. sounds a little ominous buuut, it was in an affectionate way so.. 🙂


Hello out there!
Havent blogged in a little while, but have been super busy … travelling around and working etc,,

ok so, the plan :  Gym. GO AND SEE THE GYM. i keep saying im going to do this but havent yet, so thursday is my plan to do this, so you can ridicule me if i dont go, you have my permission…

only eat when hungry, doing well so far.

anddd..regular weigh-ins. i need to choose a day and time i weigh in every week to track my progress. so ill blog about that later.. 



Gym…Definitly thinking of joining a gym, a not too expensive one…although i would like to be able to do all the classes and swimming..however, swimming isnt that expensive soo.. i could have a little of both worlds . . .

To-Do: go and see the gym i havent seen yet to see if i’ll like it and it has what i want.

On another note, i’ve not snacked today or yesterday so far, other than a couple of crackers. i keep thinking to myself, do i need this? am i actually hungry? and it seems to be working so far, yay 🙂