Did a mega session at the gym today, burnt a total of 766 calories, and travelled (on the machines) 14.15km all together…. I’m assuming its kilometres its measured in? :S that’s more than I’ve ever done at any one time before 🙂 yay me…

hopefully this newfound endurance will continue and improve… maybe I’ll end up living at the gym like a true gym bunny…. hmm…bit far fetched maybe?

it’s that time again… 71 pounds to go

2012 start weight: 202 pounds

Last week weigh in: 203

Todays weight: 201       minus two! woop!

13th February goal: 194

summer (june) goal: 162

Ultimate goal: 130

I need to pull a bigger number next week if im going to hit my February target.. :S eep! I am planning on going to the gym more aften so im hoping that will boost my weight loss. goodtimes on dropping 2pounds. keeping it off may be an issue though haha… gasp.

Weigh in: 73 pounds to go

2012 start weight: 202 pounds

Todays weight: 203 gained a pound 😦

13th February goal: 194

summer (june) goal: 162

Ultimate goal: 130


😦 badtimes.

to be fair, eating out twice in the week wasn’t going to help really was it. even if i did try to pick healthier meals.. plus the weekend was pretty bad too. foodwise i mean. Still, it’s not the end of the world. onwards and upwards…though hopefully the numbers will go downwards… eventually. no wait, i don’t mean eventually, i mean soon.


midweek first week

Not doing too badly, other than eating out at a harvesters yesterday – BUT, i did opt for lower calorie options, and lean meat, and didnt have a dinner later in the evening (mostly because i was full for hours after…) i did chow down on several clementines though. which abated cravings for sweet things. plus, vitamin c is always good 🙂   only downside is now ill need to buy more in the next day or two..

Gym so far has been a no-go, however i may be going later on this evening depending on uni work. which will be good 🙂 if not, then i will definitely go tomorrow after my lecture. promise.


Oh! also, i have a more definite time space to aim for, I’m hopefully going on holiday abroad with a couple of friends at the end of june, so this gives me a good time frame and motivation to work towards something, rather than relying on my willpower alone….oh the exitement 🙂

Turning over a fresh leaf..or whatnot…


First of all, I do apologise for my absence from the blogging world. As you can probably surmise I had a pretty hearty Christmas, which has set me back quite a bit. I’m not entirely sure how much because I have been avoiding the scales, but I know a rough idea from having to be weighed at the pesky doctors. not that doctors aren’t important, they are. just pesky when trying to avoid scales…

Ok, so, i am devising a whole new plan. new year. fresh start. turning over a fresh leaf. etc etc etc . . . . . .

I am  not going to weigh in straight away. i’m going to get into my routine (which im going to do a schedule for)  and once i’ve settled into that i’ll weigh-in again. the reason im doing this is because if i were to weigh in now, and see how much i have put on it will dampen my spirits and make me a little depressive, thus stopping me from wanting to trek to the gym. it makes sense in mmy head… dont worry…

i have summer to work towards now, so i have a more definate goal. as well as this, i’m going to have goals in fitness. in particular, running. im going to give myself distance goals in running. im really not very good with running…at all. so this should be interesting.


wish me luck…