monday madness: 67 to lose

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 200

Today’s weigh in: 197      -3   😐    woop!

March 12th goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181


celebratory dance wasn’t as good because I knew I’d put on 2 last week, evens it back out again which is good though. I now know why I put on last week, I shall call it bloaty water weight which is now disappearing.

my plan to have loads of fruit didn’t really go ahead, however I did have more than in the previous week. And this week I kind of NEED to eat the oranges that have been sat on the side for a little while… else I will have wasted my moneys and have to throw them away..

feels good being in the 100’s. I’m hoping I can stay there…


I am slightly in love with tracker cereal bars. the roast peanuts one. OM NOM.

also, oranges are so big… i can actually eat all of one in one go. the baby oranges are much better, more manageable.. satsumas especially. nom. strange how half an orange fills me up but 5 doughnuts are easily devour-able…

definitly need to get some more fruit, but it can be so expensive…


…I don’t have it.

Even though I know something is bad for me, like doughnuts or biscuits, I want to eat it anyway, and alot of the time I do.  I guess that’s why I’m in this predicament to begin with.That, plus laziness.  makes me wonder if I can actually do this, lose weight I mean. I thought it would drop off me at first-isn’t that usually the way it goes? but it hasn’t. which makes me feel crap that its not working as quickly as I want it to.

I know recently I’ve been eating really badly, which is probably part of the reason I feel crap, but it’s just so easy. fruit and veg is expensive too 😦 boo hiss!

I know I’m whining. and I’m the only one who can makes these changes to make my life better, but why does it have to be difficult??

weigh dayy… 70 to go

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 198

Today weight: 200.     +2. boo hiss !

March 12th goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181


Noooooooo 😦 its the end of the world.


ok so it’s not the end of the world. its a minor setback. I knew I hadn’t been eating very well recently so I had expected to put on. Still a bit of a shock though…

this week I’m planning on having loads of fruit. at the moment I only have oranges, so oranges it is! I’m doing an experiment on myself, seeing if i feel better on the nightshift when I’m energising from fruit instead of high sugar things like biscuits and lucozade. . . so ill try to keep you posted on that one…

weigh in :) 68 pounds to go

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 200

Todays weigh in: 198     -2 😀

February 13th goal: 199

March 12th Goal: 195

18th June goal: 181

well well, that has shocked me a little, I hit the February goal, which is a nice feeling… I didn’t think I would because I haven’t been eating very well the past few days. I’ve started a new job, a nightshift at sainsburys, which has messed up my eating times and whatnot. plus I was really busy with a show at uni as well, so I have been surviving off a high sugar and energy drink diet, with some pasta thrown in.

also, it was my birthday yesterday (12th) so i wasnt really being considerate of what i was eating. i didnt eat particularly well, but it wasnt the end of the world….

Weigh in…. 70 pounds to go

2012 start weight: 202

Last week weight in: 201

Todays weight: 200      – 1 🙂

13th February goal: 194

June goal: 162

Ultimate goal: 130

loss of a pound, not too shabby seeing as i havent been eating very well over the weekend…a few too many cookies. i have a feeling i will suffer for that next weigh-in . . .

I’m meant to be going to the gym today, but I have managed to get a awful cold. Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, and it has gotten progressively worse since then. woke up this morning feeling like death personified. no uni for me today… at least I’ll have some time to make a start on my assignments. I’m hoping that I’ll perk up abit later and be able to do a bit of exercise. I don’t like the idea of sitting around all day not doing anything. which is unusual for me…..


I was also thinking, that my February and summer goals may be too unrealistic for me to reach. i based them on roughly a 2 pound loss per week, and so far I’ve only lost a pound the last two weeks. methinks a change is in order?

new goals

February 13th goal: 199

March 12th goal: 195

18th June goal: 181 pounds.

these new goals are based on a loss of a pound a week, I’m hoping I’ll surpass  these wherever possible.

little by little…

you know how you shouldn’t really weight yourself too often incase you get obsessed by every little gain and loss? well, I weighed myself today and yesterday, just out of curiosity of how I was doing, and I seem to be holding pretty steady. which is a good thing, because it means I havent gained, but it also means that I haven’t lost either. which leads me to believe i’m not going to hit my February target… time to worry. or eat less. I’m thinking my portion sizes may still be not right. . . I do have pretty big breakfast bowls… maybe next week i should decrease portion sizes and see how that affects me. ill probably end up hungry… but we shall see. maybe i’m prematurely worrying about it.