Weigh in…. 70 pounds to go

2012 start weight: 202

Last week weight in: 201

Todays weight: 200      – 1 🙂

13th February goal: 194

June goal: 162

Ultimate goal: 130

loss of a pound, not too shabby seeing as i havent been eating very well over the weekend…a few too many cookies. i have a feeling i will suffer for that next weigh-in . . .

I’m meant to be going to the gym today, but I have managed to get a awful cold. Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, and it has gotten progressively worse since then. woke up this morning feeling like death personified. no uni for me today… at least I’ll have some time to make a start on my assignments. I’m hoping that I’ll perk up abit later and be able to do a bit of exercise. I don’t like the idea of sitting around all day not doing anything. which is unusual for me…..


I was also thinking, that my February and summer goals may be too unrealistic for me to reach. i based them on roughly a 2 pound loss per week, and so far I’ve only lost a pound the last two weeks. methinks a change is in order?

new goals

February 13th goal: 199

March 12th goal: 195

18th June goal: 181 pounds.

these new goals are based on a loss of a pound a week, I’m hoping I’ll surpass  these wherever possible.


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