…I don’t have it.

Even though I know something is bad for me, like doughnuts or biscuits, I want to eat it anyway, and alot of the time I do.  I guess that’s why I’m in this predicament to begin with.That, plus laziness.  makes me wonder if I can actually do this, lose weight I mean. I thought it would drop off me at first-isn’t that usually the way it goes? but it hasn’t. which makes me feel crap that its not working as quickly as I want it to.

I know recently I’ve been eating really badly, which is probably part of the reason I feel crap, but it’s just so easy. fruit and veg is expensive too 😦 boo hiss!

I know I’m whining. and I’m the only one who can makes these changes to make my life better, but why does it have to be difficult??


5 thoughts on “Willpower…

  1. Hi, let’s see if this idea resonates with you. I used to have “fluctuating weight” and spent a lot of time obsessing about my huge thighs and butt, and now I am at my normal weight and have been for around 8 years.

    How did I do this? Did I find some special diet to go on? Did I take drugs? Did I have surgery? No, I didn’t do any of these things. I simply observed myself and discovered that, like so many other people, I was eating when I WASN’T HUNGRY. Everyone does this, and they often don’t even realize it. We eat because we’re happy, sad, excited, to celebrate, to keep ourselves company in front of the TV, because we’re bored, frustrated, etc., etc.,….the list is long.

    When I realized I was doing this, I thought, well, I think I can actually stop doing that. So I did. I didn’t change anything in terms of the kinds of foods I ate. I kept to a reasonably balanced diet, and I didn’t deprive myself of anything I loved, including ice cream and chocolate. If you are on a diet that prohibits these things, you’ll never be able to stay on it.

    So all I did was establish two rules: Don’t eat unless you’re hungry and try not to eat too close to bedtime. That’s it. No guilt, no starvation, just observation.

    I’ve found when I’ve shared this with most people that they just can’t or won’t do it. They continue to be slaves to their diets, etc., and their weight continues to go up and down. Why? I have no idea. It’s so much easier just to stop eating when you’re not hungry.

    • that is exactly what i would like to acheive, its an excellent way to live. however, starting out on it is very difficult-i find it hard to know when i am full when eating, or i think im hungry when im not. i guess it will just take practise!

      • Yes, sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re hungry or not, for sure! But if you eat at fairly regular times, and then find that you feel hungry, let’s say, a couple of hours after you’ve just eaten, you can be pretty sure it’s false hunger. You’re right, it gets easier with practice. And one of the most important thing is not to deprive yourself of foods you love, even if they’re brownies and french fries!

  2. Losing weight is so hard because we want instant gratification, and when that doesn’t happen, it’s right back to old habits that keep the pounds on. Keep at it.

  3. I no the feeling babe, we should get back on the horse together im slipping off it rapidly and need an extra boost lately everything seems to be getting to me… here to talk and eat healthy whenever u want me xxx

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