WeighDay: 69 to lose

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 201

Today’s weigh in: 199     – 2 🙂

March 12th goal: 195    (definitely did not hit that one…)

9th April goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181

Ultimate goal: 130

Its good to know I’ve lost half of what I put on last week. a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t hit this months target. but hey ho, maybe next month. at least I still lost something. 🙂

Gym-ing today, seem to be getting back into going which is good. should boost some weight loss (I hope!) as well as raise my fitness. will be running again today, going to go for half a kilometre again, but maybe more if I feel ok while running. Eep.

I would like to stay below 200pounds…that would be an achievement within itself.

Enough of me babbling, I have assignments to do. 😐

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