Still 69 to lose..

2012 start weight: 202

Last weeks weigh in: 199

Today’s weigh in: 199

9th April goal: 195

June 18th goal: 181

Ultimate goal: 130


Well, no loss, but no gain either. which I guess is a good thing…also, still under 200 pounds, woo. this week I’m going to be more active. going to the gym today, swimming tomorrow morning, and gym again later in the week.

my gym partner’s friend suggested doing 5k  runs and eating little and often as a sure way of losing weight. he said to do 5k without fail, even if you have to stop and walk to catch your breath (which I undoubtedly will have to) so I’m going to try 5k today in the gym.  whether that goes well or not we shall see.

I didn’t loose anything because yesterday I may have had a little pig out, Saturday I didn’t have a very healthy dinner – at all- and Friday night I was drinking. maybe if I had eaten sensibly over the weekend I would have lost a little. Weekends tend to be my downfall, there aren’t so many watchful eyes seeing what I’m eating. in a way that is a good thing because it gives me a break, however I need to learn to control it so that it doesn’t spiral into me binge-eating on everything unhealthy within a 200 meter radius.

5 thoughts on “Still 69 to lose..

  1. I like how you set manageable goals, one step at a time. I usually fail because I look the big picture and get discouraged too fast.I’ve gotta step it up now- summer’s coming! Keep at it!!!

    • I used to do that all the time, decide I need to lose 4 stone and then really try at the beggining, have a setback, then give up again. this time i wanted to actually try to get somewhere with it, so decided to set mini-goals too 🙂 feels more manageable that way! Thanks for your support 😀

  2. You can do it stay strong u will succeed. 5km today woo challenge accepted! 🙂
    i will be here this weekend so can help in any way possible

  3. I love the fact that people are getting involved on here and supporting you. I definitely think that it will spur you on more 🙂 Have fun at the gym, i’m sure you’ll do it! xx

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