Pulling head out of the sand…

Haven’t blogged for a little while… I’ve been pretty lazy, and this past week especially i’ve been eating unbelievably badly…. Big ashamed face.

I’m still obese, and have probably put on loads of weight through eating out and eating very baaaad things. honestly, a little worried about getting back on the scales. We shall have to see how that goes. it’s more than likelyy I’m going to have to re-adjust my targets.

on a slightly better note, i’ve joined an online fitness thing, it counts calories andother nutritional info as well as put you in touch with people who are also trying to lose weight or get fitter.


I joined it today, so far i really like it 🙂 thank you miss Strawberrypip for putting me onto that 🙂

to try to kick-start my weight loss – instead of just yo-yoing up and down- im going to try to stick to the food diary (there’s an app for it!) and this should hopefully show me what I’m actually eating…

also, the best part, it’s free 🙂

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

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