weigh-in, 71 to go

2012 start weigh: 202

last weigh-in: 200

Today’s weigh-in: 201   +1

4th June target: 198

18th June target: 194

2nd July target: 190

16th July target: 186

put on a pound, however that could be down to weighing myself after breakfast instead of before. but for arguments sake lets just say I put on. which is entirely possible after munching on a whole box of ritz crackers one evening. hey ho. now that uni is done for the next 4 months I’m planning on being able to get to the gym at least once a week. which should boost some weight loss. instead of being stuck dancing around the 200 mark.



3 thoughts on “weigh-in, 71 to go

  1. yes, stick with a same time to weigh in. I always like it in the morning after a long sleep. I am always 2-3 pounds lighter than I was the previous night so, it looks better on the scales. Just make sure to compare apples to apples. if you always weigh the same time of day then you know how you did from week to another.

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