Hello world!

So I’ve been thinking about ‘detox’, what exactly is it? and is it as beneficial as it is said to be? from what i understand, it’s when you eat only things that are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to flush your system of all the bad stuff you’ve been eating. (which in my case is a lot of bad stuff)

I was thinking about eating only fruit, veg, and soup for the next two weeks or so, and seeing what affect that has on me. hopefully a positive one!

This will be hard for me as I am not so good with keeping on top of my diet. But I shall tryyyyy!!!!!

weigh in! 70 to go… again..

2012 start weigh: 202

last weigh-in: 201

Today’s weigh in: 200       -1

4th June target: 198        < didn’t quite get there, not sure whether to change the future targets?

18th June target: 194

2nd July target: 190

16th July target: 186

lost a pound. again I am dancing around 200. stillllll!! something’s gotta give. this week i’m going to be more active, by walking to work instead of getting the bus. and TRY to get a gym trip in. I am so wasting my money otherwise.