I know i’ve been MIA for a little while, but have been a busy bee with moving house, going on holiday and whatnot..

But now I am back, and I am embarking on a competition. A competition against the MotherFigure. AKA, Mum.

The competition is to lose more weight that the other (until mum hits goal weight-thereafter she has to maintain and I have to continue to lose) and for each pound lost, £1 will go into a pot, to be spent on a nice meal out when goal is reached.

My goal: 130 pounds.  9 stone 4 pounds. 59 Kilos.

Current: 205 pounds. 14 stone 9 pounds. 93 kilos.

(incase you were wondering, yes I am aware that I have put on weight and am now heavier than when I started writing this blog)


The plan: chow down on vegetables and fruit.

Stick to food plans.

Go the they gym regularly-at least 1-2 times a week.

Wish me luck….

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