Competition Commences!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current Weight: 205 pounds

Goal: 130 pounds

Progress so far:  0

Mum’s progress so far: 0            (it being the first week there’s only the start weight, so we’re starting at 0)

Have spoken to Mr Gym Man and established that new programmes are being made next week, so I’ll use those once they’re done.

I can officially say there is no junk food in the house. at least none that’s mine. However, I may need to buy more fruit soon as I want to chow down on my grapes. and I’m not sure if I like nectarines…

I feel like I’m going cold turkey on all food except fruit, veg, and meat. as in, proper meat, no processed stuffs. I suppose this is a good thing, hopefully after a little while I wont want to eat junk foods any more.      :S        HOPEFULLY.

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