that time again

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 205 pounds

Progress so far: 0

Mum’s progress so far:  -4

Put on half a pound…not a huge gain but still, I would have rather lost again. was half expecting to have put everything I lost back on, I’m glad I haven’t!

plan for the week: small portions, gym at least once

75 pounds to go…

weigh in!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 204.5

Progress so far: -0.5                   woooooooop

Mum’s progress so far: -7   -still maintained from last week

wowee, two weeks of losses. 5 pounds in total! now I’m below my original start weight. finallyyyy. I’m at home this week, so I’m expecting I could put on again, I hope I wont though. Will have to get on the treadmill at some point this week. Will also more than likely end up doing lots of walking. which will be good 🙂

plan for the week… walk alot; try not to eat everything; and use the treadmill and wii fit.

Weigh in – some real progress!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 206

Progress so far: +1                              -2.6 from last week 😀

Mum’s progress so far: reached goal – now maintaining

FINALLY managed to lose something! I’m hoping this will carry on…

went to a boxercise class on Tuesday…my whole body ACHED afterwards for about 3 days! trying to work up the courage to go again…I’ve got plans on weds that will involve lots of walking around which will be very uncomfortable if I’ve got bad muscle aches, but still planning on going to the gym twice. I haven’t got a lot on this week so there’s no excuse not to go!

Interesting theories…

I just watched a TV programme about health, living longer, and fasting. I found it really interesting to know that fasting actually can be really good for your body. The link to iPlayer is below, give it a watch and see what you think…

at first I thought it was too similar to a binge/purge eating disorder to be worth considering, but after seeing the whole episode and the results he achieved, it seems to benefit you rather than make you ill.

I may be considering trying out the 5:2 ratio. Granted I don’t have access to blood tests and everything, buut, the weight loss should speak for itself. and the added health benefits will be good 🙂

weigh in

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 208.6.                    I Hate Me.

Progress so far: +3.6

Mum’s progress so far: -5


I’ve managed to put on again, even though this week I’ve eaten well. Makes NO sense. I’m going to assume it’s down to eating late and having big portion sizes. hoping to start Boxercise to see what its like this week or next. Hopefully this week…

Not very happy with myself at the moment, but onwards and upwards. hopefully downwards.







This is the cork board on my wall. I’ve pinned up some pictures of myself, and one picture of my face when I was thin, with a recent picture in the same pose to compare to. This should act as inspiration to get to the gym and to not eat bad foods.





I have also made a progress chart so I can visually track my weight loss against the minimum I should be losing – one pound a week. I was considering putting mums data on there too, but we aren’t anywhere near each other on the weight scale, and she would drop off the end of my chart!



I hope these will inspire me to eat better and exercise more, and seeing the line graph go down rather than up will be great 🙂