Interesting theories…

I just watched a TV programme about health, living longer, and fasting. I found it really interesting to know that fasting actually can be really good for your body. The link to iPlayer is below, give it a watch and see what you think…

at first I thought it was too similar to a binge/purge eating disorder to be worth considering, but after seeing the whole episode and the results he achieved, it seems to benefit you rather than make you ill.

I may be considering trying out the 5:2 ratio. Granted I don’t have access to blood tests and everything, buut, the weight loss should speak for itself. and the added health benefits will be good šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Interesting theories…

  1. i’d be worried that the fasting days would make you binge the next day. i think it’s worth a try for a *short* period – remember you are quite active on your feet all day at work. maybe a kick start in weight loss is the boost you need though? you’ll get to your goal, i believe it. and you’re sexy all the same. xxxx

    • In the programme they mentioned that, and the people in the trail ended up eating only about 100-200 calories more than they usually would the next day, I guess by fasting you shrink ur stomach a bit..
      i could definitly do with a kick start in weight loss. done nothing but put on or maintain the past few weeks. well, months really. xxx

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