weigh in!

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 204.5

Progress so far: -0.5                   woooooooop

Mum’s progress so far: -7   -still maintained from last week

wowee, two weeks of losses. 5 pounds in total! now I’m below my original start weight. finallyyyy. I’m at home this week, so I’m expecting I could put on again, I hope I wont though. Will have to get on the treadmill at some point this week. Will also more than likely end up doing lots of walking. which will be good 🙂

plan for the week… walk alot; try not to eat everything; and use the treadmill and wii fit.

2 thoughts on “weigh in!

  1. You said that being at home might cause you to put on weight, right? I’m just curious, how so? For me being home helps me lose weight more than going places, but I know it is different for everyone.

    • I live away from home at the moment because I’m at uni, so I tend to not have any nibbly bits like crisps and chocolate in the flat, just what I need for meals and fruit and yoghurt for snacks – whereas at home there are always nibbly snacks in the house for my siblings.
      ontop of this we usually have a film night when I’m home which includes snacks to eat, and my willpower isn’t strong enough to resist! I’m sure it would be the other way around if I had my own home 🙂

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