new week, new run.

The same run really, just getting back into it after not going for a week.

Reaally wasn’t feeling it, but once we started I got into it a bit more and it felt nice to be out. I didn’t exactly enjoy it, but I knew I needed to do it. running with purpose.

Started out ok, other than my shins hurting, which usually happens. I was thinking ‘huh….this isn’t so bad, maybe its time to go to the next one up..’ until the third interval run when my chest felt like I had a belt around my waist stopping my diaphragm from working! Pushed through it though, with some encouragement.

I felt like we were running slower than normal, but we finished the run further on that we have before, though its possible we were just walking faster.

Debating whether or not to up the run to the week 2 podcast… it says to do each one three times before moving up to the next week, and I’ve done it 4 times now, but I still really struggle with the last few runs. iii dont know what to dooo.

maybe do one more of week one, then try the week 2? I guess I’m always going to be worried about starting the next one until I actually do…

p.s. my cold is finally starting to go away!!


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