I like running in the mornings. can you tell? šŸ˜‰

sooo, gave the week 2 podcast a go…and it wasn’t too bad, not bad atall!

week 2 is 90 seconds running, and 2 mins brisk walk in between. (so it says, I’m not convinced it was 2 mins!!)

we used a different technique to what we normally do, we started out on the run going really slow (imagine two old ladies jogging-we were like that) because it was super cold. We also used this technique when we were struggling with the last 30 seconds of the running part. this helpedĀ enormously, and I finished the run not feeling sick like I have the past couple of runs. this also helped with keeping breathing in control, as we are both asthmatic this was brilliant – especially as it was cold.

Bring on the next run.

For now, it’s time to go swimming!



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