Yum yums

I just had a really nice dinner, and I wanted to share it 🙂



1 sweet potato


breaded haddock



-Peel sweet potato (while water is boiling) and then chop into chip shapes

-Cook sweet potato in boiling water for 10 mins-or until soft- while the oven is heating up

-spray tray with oil (1 cal spray stuff) and put the home made chips and haddock into the oven for half an hour

-depending on what kind of spinach you have, cook the spinach so that all the food will be ready at once. I used frozen chopped spinach so I set a timer for 5 mins before the oven food was done.

-serve onto plate with any sauces of your choice (bear in mind the fat/sugar content)

Voila! A healthy, well balanced meal.

If you don’t think it will fill you up then you can bulk up on the spinach or add other vegetables like carrots or broccoli.

Bon appetite.


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