There was a rather big storm today! so I didn’t really want to go running in it…it would be like swimming…so I actually went swimming instead 🙂

been meaning to go for a little while with the best bud, but we were both busy at different times etc etc….

had fun, I’m not very good at swimming, and I’m a really slow swimmer. the only stroke I know how to do is backstroke. I was practising breaststroke today, I’m really not very good at it, and am so slow that an incredibly obese middle-aged man lapped me a good 10 million times before he moved to the next lane up. oops. even Le Best Bud got sick of being stuck behind my slow ass 😉

the pool is 25m in length, 64 lengths make a mile. I did…drumroll…36. over 1/2 a mile. Yay! Definitely didn’t think I would do more than 20. At best.

Started to get the hang of breaststroke, the more I concentrate on breathing technique, the less I think about it, and the easier it is 🙂


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