Continuing on from my previous post, I am going back to basics – simplifying things. So I’m going to revisit my goals, and focus on achieving them.


Ultimate goal = 130 pounds.        need to lose 80 pounds to reach this. I will post progress pictures for every 10 pounds lost


Goal = to be a healthy BMI  –  weight goal will put me in the healthy zone.


Run 5k.       this is more of a short-term goal. It could be achieved by the end of this year, and gives me something to aim for that isn’t completely weight-related. Once achieved, I can set a new goal.


To clean eat wherever possible


My main focus will be the fitness goal, it seems more achievable and in achieving this I will also get closer to my weight/health goals. my food goal is also extremely important, without eating well, I wont lose weight no matter how much I run.


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