you know when something isn’t working.

I have a problem.

I struggle with my weight and to eat ‘good’ foods. and the right amount of them. I eat too much cheese, and have a giant sweet tooth-especially for biscuits.

I give in to temptation all the time.

I’m lazy and don’t have any staying power, making sticking to an eating plan and exercise regime difficult.

I expect to see results quickly when I try, and when I don’t I loose faith in what I’m doing and end up weighing more than I did before. When I try and it doesn’t work, I want to give up.

I’ve weighed the same-give or take 5 pounds-for at least a year (probably longer), despite trying to lose weight. When I think about this I hate myself for not trying hard enough.

I don’t feel good enough to lose weight. I don’t deserve it. 

As it turns out, I have several problems.


The theme in all of them, is me. my opinions of myself, my lack of conviction and belief. What I’m doing is clearly not working.

I must not be exercising hard enough, or often enough. And I must be eating unhealthily and in big quantities.

If I were to do the opposite, I would be thin, yes? Because that is how the world works. Science.

Eat less, Exercise more = weight loss.

Simple formula…so why do I make it so complicated?

Eating habits are the first thing to tackle. I eat too much, I need to make my portion sizes smaller. When I am faced with temptation I need to remind myself that I will not reach my goal by eating this. Eat some fruit instead. Simple.


Running is an exercise I have found myself to like doing. It makes me feel good afterwards. I need to make sure that I am running every other day. Get into a routine of doing this, and I am less likely to give it up. Running in the morning was energising, however getting up early to go out and do it is hard. I need to try harder, and keep it up.

Swimming is fun, but aching the next day will stop me from running. aim to swim once a week, on a day that I have run, to utilise time to rest the day after.

Use the Nike app on iPod for toning and strength. Twice a week to begin, once fitness threshold improves, increase this amount.

Use exercise as a way to de-stress from uni work.


This is my formula for change, I need to do this for myself, and I cant expect it to happen at the drop of a hat. I need to work for it.

2 thoughts on “you know when something isn’t working.

  1. So many of the things you’ve said here resonate with me a lot. You’re not the only one and for me knowing someone else feels like this helps give me confidence – I hope we both win our battles. Thank you x

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