oh my owie.

Arranged to do a workout with a bessie of mine, so we could motivate each other and watch each others stance & positioning.

I feel I should mention that my friend is a little bit of a fitness freak, just a little…

The workout seemed ok at first glance, but then realising we had to do 3 sets of everything made me think twice about that. it included lunges, squats, variations of them, abdominal work, arms, legs, the whole kaboose.

It was intense, we worked really hard and I’m really glad we did it. But man, I ACHE. And I will even more tomorrow. And the next day.

It will be worth it. It will be a good ache, one that reminds me I worked hard to achieve this


Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 210

Current weight: 208

Progress from last week: – 2 pounds

Overall Progress: +3 pounds

I am so relieved I lost this week. I even hit the target I set myself and everything! I was worried when I maintained last week that I would end up maintaining again for weeks! Finally back into the 14 stone area. still a long way to go, but small progress is still progress.

To achieve this I’ve been eating smaller meals and only eating when truly hungry – if I feel hungry I let myself feel it for a while, if it goes away then it was just a craving, if it gets worse then I’m actually hungry!

Lets see if I can smash 2 pounds out of the way this week!


P.S. I have a second blog, all about my clothes that i dont wear/dont fit me anymore, check it out:




I’ve been really neglecting my running. and now that it’s darker earlier I find it hard to find time to run outside of work/uni.

Today I really wanted to exercise.

I have the Nike training app on my iPod, but there isn’t enough space in my flat to do the workouts 😦

Then I spotted my skipping rope hanging on the side of my bookcase, grabbed it, my iPod, and went into the garden and skipped 🙂 (for 4-5 mins, it’s hard work!)

Yay, exercise! now I’m going to go do some sit ups!




Did 100 crunches, and the plank for 30 seconds. I hope I ACHE tomorrow.

Monday=weigh day

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 210

Overall Progress: +5 pounds        😦 booo


Maintained from last week. Better than putting on I suppose! I’m hoping to start running again this week, but at the moment I feel like death. I’m hoping it will clear up later this afternoon and I can run. Fingers crossed!

I really want to shift some weight off this week. I need to get into the habit of exercising while in my flat. Just of an evening, do some sit-ups or use my resistance body toner. (thing you put between your legs/arms and squeeze)

This week I want to lose 2 pounds.

weigh day

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 210

Overall Progress: +5 pounds

lost 3 pounds since last week, which was my goal. I’ve got no idea how I managed it as I had a lot of pizza at the beginning of the week :s but hey ho, not going to complain about a loss.

lets see if I can pull it off again next week…

weigh in

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Current weight: 213

Overall Progress: +8 pounds.

Last week I was away visiting family in the land of huge dinners and ‘tea’ being like a second dinner. I love being there, however I don’t love how much I put on while I’m there. But saying that, I’m proud of myself for only putting on 3 pounds. It could have been A LOT worse.

I did weigh myself last Monday, and I was 213 pounds, so this week I maintained. (technically lost 1/2 a pound but I’m not going to squabble over a small amount-at the end of the day I still put on)

I’d like to lose the extra 3 pounds of holiday weight this week, so I’m going to aim for that.

New week, new start.

It will be okay. I know I can do this.