last run of the year!

I think the last time I ran was about 3 month ago! awful, I know!

Hopped onto the treadmill today and did week 2 of the couch to 5k podcast (90 secs running, 2 mins walking)

found it ok. Didn’t have any major breathing issues, however the shin splits are back! Booo. I’m glad I jumped into week 2 instead of the beggining. Next time I run I’ll probably up to week 3 if on the treadmill, or stick with week 2 if outside – bad weather = difficulty breathing!

Feel really good about doing this. I hope I can keep motivated into the new year!


I am aware I should have weighed in today. I am at home so I don’t have my scales, and I read somewhere that you shouldn’t keep switching scales because they may not all say the same thing, not giving you a true measure of your progress. I’ll get back on that next year! ūüėČ

Happy new years to all!

A Post-Christmas Post


I’m glad the majority of the food eating event has passed!

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I used to take all this eating in my stride and it wouldn’t bother me much – maybe for an hour or two until the next yummy treat was brought out! But not this year. This year I was full all day, very uncomfortable! however I have been enjoying the Christmas dinner and other treats…Have definitely learnt that it’s OK to leave food on my plate if I’m full instead of forcing it all down until I burst.

I feel there’s a lot of work ahead of me to achieve my goals. Like a mountain of will power and exercise.


Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 206

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week: 0

Overall Progress: +1

My scales couldn’t seem to decide what I weighed. I¬†weighed¬†myself several times and they kept throwing up different numbers! I took the number that came up most often. I think its time to find a new battery for my scales.

Maintained again, I was half expecting to put on. I’m bound to put on over Christmas, but I’m going to try not to go too mad with food. I also plan to take advantage of the¬†treadmill¬†at home!

Next Monday I’m expecting to see a gain, hopefully not too much of one, but a gain none the less. As a target I’m going to try and maintain for this week, after the festivities at the beginning of the week, I’ll still have the end of the week to try and balance out again.

Highest weight: 213

loss so far: 7 pounds

target: not to put on over Christmas week


Merry Christmas!


So I was looking at my progress chart earlier this week (here’s the original post about it!)¬†and I realised that, even though I’ve been progressing really slowly, in the past 7 weeks Ive lost half a stone. 7 pounds. that’s a pound a week on average. needless to say, I was quite pleased when I realised this, and I feel really motivated to keep at this, even if it is too slow for my liking!

Progress chart¬†above is a pic of the up-to date progress chart. The purple line is my weight, the green lines are my original aims, and my current target line. The red pins are where I am now, and my epic goal for when I’m back to uni.

Apologies for the bad blurry quality of the pic, my camera isn’t working so had to use blurry webcam!

Using a chart has helped me keep my weight in mind when I’ve contemplated eating junk foods, which has helped me to resist them.

Another tool I use to keep me motivated is by trying to fit into old clothes. I have tons of clothes that don’t fit any more, you can follow my wardrobe escapades here.

Happy Monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 206

Progress from last week:¬†-1 ¬†ūüėÄ

Overall Progress: +1 pound

Quite suprised I didn’t put on, I was sure I was overeating too much. At best I was hoping to maintain, but no! I lost a pound, hooray! Almost down to my start weigh again. It’s taken long enough! once I pass that I will ¬†feel like any weight lost from now on is real progress, not just trying to get back to an overweight target I should have been long past already!

This week is going to be difficult, le boyfriend is over and I always end up overeating when he is here, he is always hungry. If I do eat more than usual while he’s here, I’m going to make sure it’s fruit. Whether he likes it or not!

Aiming for a loss of 2 pounds or more, to get me underneath that start weight!

My fitness freak friend suggested I aim to weigh 180 by the time everyone is back at uni (4 weeks from now) that’s 26 pounds in 4 weeks. I’m not sure that’s even possible, but I suppose if I exercised 4-5 times a week it would happen. I think I’ll look at this as my ambitious target. Still aim for it, but not get too upset if I don’t achieve it…

weigh day monday

Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 207

Current weight: 207

Progress from last week: no change

Overall Progress: +2 pounds

maintained this week. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be losing anything. But I didn’t put on, which is the good news!

Aiming to lose 2 pounds again this week…

This week I’m hoping to start up running again, my chest infection is slowly going away so I’m hoping ¬†if I start slow and take my asthma pump with me I should be OK.

Have a bit of a stressful week ahead of me, I’m likely to comfort eat. I’m going to have to exercise my willpower and not eat bad foods. fruit and veg FTW!



Start Weight: 205 pounds

Last weeks weight: 208

Current weight: 207

Progress from last week:¬†‚Äď1 pound

Overall Progress: +2 pounds

didn’t hit my target of a loss of 2 pounds this week, but I still lost a pound which is good news. I’ve been really ill (cough, cold, sore throat) the past couple of days, so I’m suprised I haven’t put on because I eat too much when I don’t feel well.

meant to be working out with my fitness friend today, but I think I ¬†might have to bail because of being ill. I’ll see how crap I feel later on.

target for this week: lose the two pounds to get me back to my original start weight! exciting.