last run of the year!

I think the last time I ran was about 3 month ago! awful, I know!

Hopped onto the treadmill today and did week 2 of the couch to 5k podcast (90 secs running, 2 mins walking)

found it ok. Didn’t have any major breathing issues, however the shin splits are back! Booo. I’m glad I jumped into week 2 instead of the beggining. Next time I run I’ll probably up to week 3 if on the treadmill, or stick with week 2 if outside – bad weather = difficulty breathing!

Feel really good about doing this. I hope I can keep motivated into the new year!


I am aware I should have weighed in today. I am at home so I don’t have my scales, and I read somewhere that you shouldn’t keep switching scales because they may not all say the same thing, not giving you a true measure of your progress. I’ll get back on that next year! 😉

Happy new years to all!


One thought on “last run of the year!

  1. Happy new year! No worries, you’ll keep your motivation. With the scale thing it’s totally true. I have 2 scales but one has been put away for years. One day I got it out and found that I was at least 2 pounds less on it. I put it right back away. :p

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