Weigh in Day

Last weeks weight: 211 pounds

Current weight: 211 pounds

Goal for next week: 209

Maintained. Much better than putting back on which was what I was expecting. It’s been a bad food week! goal for next week is lose 2 pounds. I’ll be doing a lot ¬†of walking this week so I’m hoping to tamper that with healthy foods and generate a loss.

The squat challenge is still ongoing, however I missed a couple of days so now I’m playing catch up by not having my rest days. If I am not too tired by this evening I may try to catch up on a days squats, and then I’ll be back on track.

I really want to start running again. I’ve been thinking about this this week and I want to get back into it. It felt good-afterwards anyway! I’m not sure if my ankle will be able to handle me running. It’s been sore and stiff the past couple of days. I guess I should keep exercising it and see how it feels in a few days!

Weigh in

Last weeks weight: 213 pounds

Current weight: 211 pounds

Goal for next week: 209

No idea how I managed that! But lets do it again for next week! So far so good with my 18 week plan.

Not really any changes with measurements, but that will happen when I lose more.

Wanted to go swimming this week, but I’ve come down with a bug that’s been going round. swimming always makes me even more ill if I’m a little ill. I’ll have to stick with my squats and walking everywhere-and sort out my diet!


MyWatstedWardrobe Blog

18 weeks!

I go on holiday in 18 weeks.

I am aiming to be 180 pounds when I go on holiday

This is a loss of approximately 2 pounds per week

I will also take measurements to track my inch loss

I’m hoping to get back into doing Jillian’s 30 day shred soon – my ankle is still really weak so I may have to take it easy or delay the starting this

Running is also something I picked up fora while, then dropped, so I would like to get back into doing this!

I’m definitely one for starting something and not finishing it, and I really want to break out of this habit.

Weigh in

Last time I weighed in I was 211 pounds. since then I put on 4 pounds, right up to 215, and lost a pound a week for the last 2 weeks.

Current weight: 213 pounds

Long Term Goal: 130 pounds

Short term goal: 210 pounds

Still going with the 30 day squat challenge, day 12 for me today – rest day. I have a huge deadline for the end of this week, so it’s unlikely I’ll be doing extra working out around that – other than walking to work/rehearsals/whatnot.

My wall chart has almost run out of weeks, I’ll have to make a new one soon enough! I think this time I’ll make it on an A4 sheet, and only have 20 or so pounds on there, then if I get close to the bottom I can make another sheet. Probably be easier than making another giant one!

Still logging food on my fitness pal, even if I’ve been eating badly.

Really want to shift this weight!

30 day squat challenge update!

Why hello there!

I’m on day 11 of the squat challenge at the moment, and I’m still going with it! big yays! it was at this point in the 30 day shred that I stopped (because of an ankle injury) thinking of getting back to that next week when life isn’t so hectic!

squats are going well. 110 squats for me today! For those who don’t know.. this is the plan I’m following:

Day 1-50 squats
Day 2-55 squats
Day 3-60 squats (prisoner squats)
Day 4-Rest
Day 5-70 squats (curtsy squat)
Day 6-75 squats
Day 7-80 squats (Curtsy Squat Rear Leg Lift )
Day 8-Rest
Day 9-100 squats (freehand jump squats)
Day 10-105 squats
Day 11-110 squats (split squat jump)
Day 12-Rest
Day 13-130 squats (bench pistol squat)
Day 14-135 squats
Day 15- 140 squats (prisoner siff squat)
Day 16-Rest
Day 17-150 squats (sissy squat)
Day 18- 155 squats
Day 19- 160 squats (skater squat)
Day 20-Rest
Day 21- 180 squats (one legged squats)
Day 22- 185 squats
Day 23- 190 squats (side squats)
Day 24-Rest
Day 25- 220 squats (Hindu squats )
Day 26- 225 squats (Pop Squats)
Day 27- 230 squats (frog squat)
Day 28-Rest
Day 29- 240 squats (plie squat)
Day 30- 250 squats (16 of each squat done during the challenge)

I haven’t been doing all of the modifications, but I have been trying to do as least one set with the modification included!
time to get cracking with my split jump squats. Wonder how many I’ll be able to manage?!

Update: only managed 10 split jumps! my ankle was not pleased with me jumping on it. Did 30 curtsy squats and 70 normal to get the 110 all together.