Weigh in

Still hovering around that 215 mark. But, have lost a pound since last week. I want to lose more this week to try to kick-start a downward curve. That would make me very happy.

I don’t really have much food in the house, but I need to start making a packed lunch to take out with me for when I’m running around super busy. I’m thinking wraps-started making those a little while ago, yummy. That can go on my shopping list for after work today!

I need to try harder with this. I’m too much of a pushover when faced with yummy food…


I have been super busy recently, and have not been eating very well because of that. I have put on weight (a pound or so) and am hoping to get rid of it this week.

I am changing my weigh-in day to the weekend-Saturday/Sunday-for the next few weeks because I am up too early on Mondays to be able to weigh in.

To shed the weight I’ve put on and-hopefully-some more, I am gong to plan my meals and create packed lunches. I also want to get back into running – if my ankle will allow that. I’m Hoping I can stick to it and work through the C25K programme. We shall see I suppose, both if my ankle will take it and if I can stick to it this time.

Running Fail

I went running today, on week 2 of the couch to 5k.

Felt really good as the weather had just brightened up when I left my flat. First interval went well, felt really natural and slipped into the jogging easily. For the last 30 seconds I was struggling, I have a bit of a phlegmy chest at the moment so breathing was hard and my ankles were not very happy. I was wearing my ankle support, but my other ankle felt like it was straining. by the second interval both of my ankles were sore and I was jogging unbelievably slowly to catch my breath.

I got to the half way point, and I had to stop. My ankles were sore, and my breathing was awful. Once I had rested, rehydrated and recovered a bit, I walked the rest of the way back. I walked with a brisk pace and went a slightly longer route back to compensate for not jogging for any of it.

Maybe I’ll drop back to week 1 of the C25K programme the next time I go out to run.

weigh day

Last weeks weight: 211 pounds

Current weight: 215

Goal for next week: 211


Ugh. How does this even happen? such a yoyo. I need to work hard to break out of this. I’ve not eaten well this week, really irregular and eating large portions in the evenings because of not eating anything during the day. (I am not starving myself, just want to make that clear. Hard to find time to eat when rushing around and working through mealtimes)

My aim for this week is to get back into good eating habits, and to do some¬†voluntary¬†exercise (not just walking to/from work). This may be difficult because I’ve been having trouble with my ankle ever since I sprained it, but I want to stop being so sedentary. I would love to get back into running, though this may be difficult around my other commitments. Food planning and trying to exercise when I have time will have to do for now. We’ll see how it goes…