Lipo Slender and Natural Cleanse Review Update

In my last post I said I would keep you updated on these pills.

Well, I had to stop taking the natural cleanse tablets. The directions say to take them twice a day, with water preferably before eating. So I did this for about 4-5 days, and the effect was pretty swift. It was like bulimia of the bottom. NOT a healthy option! I cant help thinking no wonder people have lost so much weight on these pills, they are abusing tablets to flush the food out!

However, These are good for short-term use. I would suggest no longer than 2-3 days, as after that the effects are not particularly nice, or comfortable.

I stopped taking the green coffee bean pills at the same time, to let my self recover, and have starting taking them again today. I shall update you with the effects of the green coffee bean extract pills on their own!


6 thoughts on “Lipo Slender and Natural Cleanse Review Update

  1. I got those pills as well. I have not taken them and don’t plan on it. Have you checked your credit card? I was charge a bunch without knowing it. They can charge you every month without sending you any receipt or anything. Beware if you didn’t know what you were singing up for. I call and cancelled and they sent a confirmation email of the cancellation so at least that should be legit.

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