Close Friend/Worst Enemy?

Oh heyyy!


I was thinking a lot today about me, and my weight, and how I react to friends trying to help me with this. Friends (and boyfriend) who are intending to help by making comments like ‘should you really be eating that?’ when I’m contemplating something yummy can sometimes have the opposite effect. Especially if I am feeling naff about myself already, and their comment just highlights it and make me feel worse, then I overeat anyway because I am an emotional eater. Vicious cycle.


Therefore, I humbly request that my friends, family and boyfriend no longer comment about things like this, and allow me to do this my way. I want the weight loss to be my achievement, something I did myself. Granted, not all of my friends make comments like this, and some are great to chat to about weight ETC, but at times I just feel like saying…if I don’t ask for your opinion, then please don’t comment on my choices. KTHANX.