Weigh in

215 pounds.

I keep fluctuating between 214 and 215, however I think the 215 today is due to having a BBQ at the weekend!


My Plan:

-Keep food diary

-Make good food choices

-Continue with 30 Day Shred

-Green tea!


Target: 208 pounds


I haven’t been doing the 30 day shred consecutively, however I am still doing it. No matter how tired I am thanks to my new personal trainer.

Just completed my day 3, and I am glad I did it today despite being tired. 

Only a week until my holiday, and I have 8 pounds to lose still. It’s possible, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it! 

I need to be stricter with my food choices, I’m fine when at home, it’s just when I venture out into the big bad world! Keeping a food diary will help, because I will think about having to write up that I ate unhealthily before eating it.

Bunking is not cool

My last weigh in post was on May 20th! Naughty me!

I didn’t want to post because I had put on weight and it was getting boring to post the same thing over and over.

“Put on weight again. Maintaining again. Ate badly this week. Put on weight again.” And so on.

So I put on weight up to about…221 pounds I believe. Now I have dropped back down to 215 pounds again (yay) and I plan to continue dropping!


I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently, and I plan on keeping that up! And I have been eating 3 regular meals a day, and not pigging out! I’ve also restarted the 30 Day Shred which I haven’t been able to do since February due to an injury.


I have 12 days until I go on holiday. The original plan was to lose 14 pounds by the time I go. If I work hard this may still be possible, of the 14 I have already lost 6, so 8 more and I will have hit that target still!

8 pounds by 21/7/13

Lets smash this.