Weigh in

219 pounds  (+/- 0)

Graduation goal:  196  (23 pounds to go)

I Didn’t weigh in on monday like I usually do as I was away over the weekend. I feel like I should be surprised that I didn’t put weight on, but at the same time I was very ill on Monday (which delayed me coming home) so it is completely feasible that I didn’t gain anything. I seem to be allergic to kiwi, the last two times I have eaten it i have been violently sick afterwards. To the point where my body wants to expel anything that is still in my digestive system. Not fun at all. But hey ho, I won’t be eating that EVER AGAIN. 

This week:

Catch up with workout

Food diary

lose 2 pounds for next week

30DS Level Two

The dreaded level two hit me in the face. And shoulder. This level is A LOT of ‘plank’ work – leaning in a pushup position and doing different exercises. This resulted in a damaged shoulder, and inability to actually do the workout. I did the next two with modified moves, so instead of plank-Jacks I did jumping jacks. Thus, giving my shoulder time to heal.

To add to the shoulder disaster, I was away this weekend and did not keep up with my workouts (other than on saturday) so I now have 4 to catch up with.

Furthermore, Being my usual clumsy self, I fell up the escalator on the tube today and bashed my knee on the metal step. Big owies. My knee looks like someone jabbed it with a giant fork…

So now I have to contend with a stiff, sore knee ontop of sore shoulders and an epic catch up!

Bruised kneeOwie knee bruise!


5, 6, 7, 8!

My boot scootin’ baby is driving me crazy…

Not really.

I am up to day 8 in the 30 day shred. had to play catch up of course, so yesterday did day 7 and 8 and today I am feeling the after-effects of that! Today I am also meant to be doing a double, for day 9 and 10, but I’m not too sure I’ll be able to do it! I’ll definitely do one, then I can gauge whether I’m able to do the next one or not!

I’m hoping I will do both today, so tomorow, Level 2 day 1, is a clean start. I know the next level is harder, and I am not looking forward to it. Dreading it would be how I would describe it.


Weigh In!


My food choices have not been the greatest this week, so I’m not surprised I haven’t lost anything. Coupled with missing a few workouts (which I need to catch up on) it’s not looking good!

Last night I did a workout at 1am. I wanted to kickstart my catching up, and doing it that late meant I wouldn’t have to do three in one day! Of course once I was showered and ready for bed I couldn’t sleep because I was far too awake!

This week:

Keep on top of food diary-Log Everything!

Keep up with workout

Lose 2 pounds

Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred!

Hello Blog World!

The shred is going well so far. I missed day 3 and had to do double to catch up again! So did two yesterday.

Todays shred was easier, still a sweaty session but it felt easier! Hoping this is an improvement that can carry me into level two of the shred. last time I got that far I found level two VERY difficult.  We shall have to see!

Not noticed any differences body-wise as of yet. But then I didn’t notice any changes at this point last time either.

Happy Thursdays!

The Aftermath of Holiday!

Before: Managed to lose 7 pounds before going away which is, of course, good news.

During: Ate like a pig, swam a lot

After: Discovered I put back on 5 pounds while away, which jumped me up to 219, then put on a further 2 pounds, but am now back to 218. (This jump up and down is due to a scales malfunction I believe, I think my trusty scales are not long for this world. Also my family scales tell me I’m lighter 😉 making me more inclined to use those instead!)

I am now hovering around 218.

Restarted the 30 Day shred, missed yesterday (day 3) but going to do it twice today to make up for it. I have a tracker up on the wall, and my sister is doing this with me, so we can support each other and stay motivated!


Graduation (in 10 weeks): lose 24 pounds (193 pounds) 2.4 pounds per week.

Complete 30 day shred and venture outdoors to start running again!

Keep up with food diary.