The Aftermath of Holiday!

Before: Managed to lose 7 pounds before going away which is, of course, good news.

During: Ate like a pig, swam a lot

After: Discovered I put back on 5 pounds while away, which jumped me up to 219, then put on a further 2 pounds, but am now back to 218. (This jump up and down is due to a scales malfunction I believe, I think my trusty scales are not long for this world. Also my family scales tell me I’m lighter 😉 making me more inclined to use those instead!)

I am now hovering around 218.

Restarted the 30 Day shred, missed yesterday (day 3) but going to do it twice today to make up for it. I have a tracker up on the wall, and my sister is doing this with me, so we can support each other and stay motivated!


Graduation (in 10 weeks): lose 24 pounds (193 pounds) 2.4 pounds per week.

Complete 30 day shred and venture outdoors to start running again!

Keep up with food diary.


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