New gadgets!

I recently procured a new phone, very exciting! The Samsung galaxy s4, which has a very useful app – S health.

This had the facility to track your food and exercise (like a food diary) as well as very exciting walking mate. This is a pedometer that works continuously throughout your day, recording steps, distance, and calories burnt! It can even tell if you are running and if you are climbing/descending. Incredibly useful.

Having said that, I am not a big fan of the food diary app. It is not as good as the one on MyFitnessPal. It has a limited food database, and only records the calories-without any other nutritional data. There is the capability to add your own foods however, which makes up for the limited database providing you have the time to add all your foods on. Which I dont.

To resolve this I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to record my food, then adding the total calories to the ‘other’ section on S Health, and putting the calories burnt walking onto MyFitnessPal.

All in all this is a great pedometer app, but the food database leaves something to be desired. I also wish it could sync with MyFitnessPal abd my Polar HRM!!

Weigh day, hoo ha ha.

As of this morning, I weighed in at 221 pounds.

3 pounds to get to my first weight reward goal. I’m skeptical about hitting it by graduation, but there we go. I’ll get there soon regardless.

Next month I can gym and get there quickerrrr. Hopefullyyyyy. If I don’t go I will kick myself in the butt and get myself up there. no excuses! It’s only up the road!!

My eating habits still aren’t great, I’m a total sucker for anything sweet and pastry-like. And biscuits. And crackers. And so the list goes on. I have cut down on the foods that are on my rewards list though! Which is always a good thing.

It’s been a weird week, I dropped 4 pounds, then bumped up two, then down one again. Strangeeee. Bloatyness I think!

Haven’t kept up with running, it’s a bit too dark and wet out by the time I get home from work at 8PM. EVERYDAY. Excluding weekends.

Bored of being muchikus fatikus.

The Misery That is Weigh Day

I haven’t done a weight post in a while.  Blindingly obvious why!

Ive been up to about 224, but headed back down again and am currently sitting around 222. Not awesome, but there we go.

I’ve implemented a new strategy of weight goal rewards. When I hit a goal weight, I am allowed a reward treat. This will only work if I don’t eat anything resembling the rewards for the duration of this!


218/Pasty   213/Chips   209/Christmas food   207/biscuits   203/Chocolate bar   199/Pizza   191/cheesecake   187/Harvester   183/Milkshake

179/BBQ   175/New Outfit

I am well aware that all bar one are food-related rewards! I was thinking that it would give me more reason to avoid all of those foods until I am allowed them as a reward, otherwise I am totally shooting myself in the foot here. There are events/dates associated with these too, however I think some months it may take me longer to reach the goal than others, so they’re more of a flexible calendar. One of the biggest ones, is to be 209 pounds to be allowed to have christmas food. That is THE one I HAVE to stick to. If I don’t hit that, I’m in for a miserable holiday season!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to fit exercise around my job. My sister and I went jogging on sunday, and I want to continue to do this. It will be a huge commitment, and will involve running late in the evening because of the time I get home from work. However, as long as we plan our route and go as soon as I get back and change to running gear, this should be do-able 2-3 times a week-including the weekend.

Another way to get some exercise in is to join up with my local gym. It offers a ‘commuter’ membership. This means I will be able to use the gym 7-9am (not that I would have time to as I would be travelling by then) 6-10PM, and weekends all day. this seems like a good solution, gym-ing straight after work and at the weekend. There are also a couple of fitness classes I may be able to take if I take up this membership. Definitely something worth thinking about there!

The third way is of course, the old chestnut ‘take the stairs’. My office is on the 4th floor, usually I take the lift up, and the stairs down. I could begin to take the stairs up too to increase my daily exercise…Only problem with this is if I’m going up with someone, who wants to take the lift. It’s a little rude to break off a conversation because you want to take the stairs…But we’ll see. This is something that I can implement straight away-definitely worth doing I think.

Next weigh day I hope to bring better news!

Run, Run, as fast as you can.

Went running today! For the first time in forever!

Me and my sister wanted to do some exercise today, originally it was going to be a bike ride, however the bikes need some maintenance and I didn’t want to do it! So we settled on running. We used the Couch to 5k programme-which I have used before. It’s really good, and gradually builds your stamina up. My sister is fitter than I am, so after the first 60 second interval I said stop, she replied “What? Really?” But I think later in the run she was glad for the walk intervals!

The run wasn’t great. The ankle I damaged back in February seized up and was really painful, and the trainer on the other foot decided to chew up my heel-leaving me with a rubbed raw foot on one side and a stiff, sore ankle on the other! Needless to say, due to this we only did half of the run, but we still walked for the duration of the podcast!

277 Cals burned, & a half hour extra exercise I wouldn’t have done if we hadn’t gone out. Not too shabby compared with the ultimate lack of exercise in the last few weeks!