Run, Run, as fast as you can.

Went running today! For the first time in forever!

Me and my sister wanted to do some exercise today, originally it was going to be a bike ride, however the bikes need some maintenance and I didn’t want to do it! So we settled on running. We used the Couch to 5k programme-which I have used before. It’s really good, and gradually builds your stamina up. My sister is fitter than I am, so after the first 60 second interval I said stop, she replied “What? Really?” But I think later in the run she was glad for the walk intervals!

The run wasn’t great. The ankle I damaged back in February seized up and was really painful, and the trainer on the other foot decided to chew up my heel-leaving me with a rubbed raw foot on one side and a stiff, sore ankle on the other! Needless to say, due to this we only did half of the run, but we still walked for the duration of the podcast!

277 Cals burned, & a half hour extra exercise I wouldn’t have done if we hadn’t gone out. Not too shabby compared with the ultimate lack of exercise in the last few weeks!


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