The Misery That is Weigh Day

I haven’t done a weight post in a while.  Blindingly obvious why!

Ive been up to about 224, but headed back down again and am currently sitting around 222. Not awesome, but there we go.

I’ve implemented a new strategy of weight goal rewards. When I hit a goal weight, I am allowed a reward treat. This will only work if I don’t eat anything resembling the rewards for the duration of this!


218/Pasty   213/Chips   209/Christmas food   207/biscuits   203/Chocolate bar   199/Pizza   191/cheesecake   187/Harvester   183/Milkshake

179/BBQ   175/New Outfit

I am well aware that all bar one are food-related rewards! I was thinking that it would give me more reason to avoid all of those foods until I am allowed them as a reward, otherwise I am totally shooting myself in the foot here. There are events/dates associated with these too, however I think some months it may take me longer to reach the goal than others, so they’re more of a flexible calendar. One of the biggest ones, is to be 209 pounds to be allowed to have christmas food. That is THE one I HAVE to stick to. If I don’t hit that, I’m in for a miserable holiday season!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to fit exercise around my job. My sister and I went jogging on sunday, and I want to continue to do this. It will be a huge commitment, and will involve running late in the evening because of the time I get home from work. However, as long as we plan our route and go as soon as I get back and change to running gear, this should be do-able 2-3 times a week-including the weekend.

Another way to get some exercise in is to join up with my local gym. It offers a ‘commuter’ membership. This means I will be able to use the gym 7-9am (not that I would have time to as I would be travelling by then) 6-10PM, and weekends all day. this seems like a good solution, gym-ing straight after work and at the weekend. There are also a couple of fitness classes I may be able to take if I take up this membership. Definitely something worth thinking about there!

The third way is of course, the old chestnut ‘take the stairs’. My office is on the 4th floor, usually I take the lift up, and the stairs down. I could begin to take the stairs up too to increase my daily exercise…Only problem with this is if I’m going up with someone, who wants to take the lift. It’s a little rude to break off a conversation because you want to take the stairs…But we’ll see. This is something that I can implement straight away-definitely worth doing I think.

Next weigh day I hope to bring better news!

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