Weigh day, hoo ha ha.

As of this morning, I weighed in at 221 pounds.

3 pounds to get to my first weight reward goal. I’m skeptical about hitting it by graduation, but there we go. I’ll get there soon regardless.

Next month I can gym and get there quickerrrr. Hopefullyyyyy. If I don’t go I will kick myself in the butt and get myself up there. no excuses! It’s only up the road!!

My eating habits still aren’t great, I’m a total sucker for anything sweet and pastry-like. And biscuits. And crackers. And so the list goes on. I have cut down on the foods that are on my rewards list though! Which is always a good thing.

It’s been a weird week, I dropped 4 pounds, then bumped up two, then down one again. Strangeeee. Bloatyness I think!

Haven’t kept up with running, it’s a bit too dark and wet out by the time I get home from work at 8PM. EVERYDAY. Excluding weekends.

Bored of being muchikus fatikus.

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