S health stats & weigh in


My food has been a bit up and down this week, so no amazing weight losses this week unfortunately. This week I must be strict with myself and get some exercise in too!

I often find that when I get home from work I am usually to tired to do anything. I need to make sure that I do something as soon as I get in, before I sit down and relax for the evening. I can’t see myself going out running in this weather, I would probably do it once and then quit. If only the treadmill want broken, that would be perfect. I’ll have to make do with doing a workout DVD in a small space…

Next weeks goal: 220 pounds

Weigh in Day

Good morrow all!

Weigh in today: 222 pounds

-3 pounds from last week! wooo! FINALLY seeing some progress! Lets keep this going!

I think the main thing that has worked for me this week is my calorie intake has been relatively low. (You can see my S health stats here!) I have been attempting to do the fasting thing, but I get too hungry and end up eating more, but, I’m not overeating. Despite being above my goal I am still below 1600 (most days) which is my daily limit anyway!

This week I plan to continue this, and I would like to try and squeeze in some exercise (other than my everyday walking) to try and boost the weight loss into a continuation!

Next week I would like to see myself at 220 or less, so fingers crossed…

S health food stats


Ignore the meal categories-because I use MyFitnessPal, I just put the total amount of calories on S Health.

As you can see, I’ve been getting much better at hitting my calorie goal. Attempting fasting is helping me with this because I’m consciously trying to limit what I eat. You can see which days were meant to be fasting days just from looking at the graph (I love graphs) and overall I am still in a calorie deficit because excluding Tuesday, I am still less than 2000 calories (female RDA). This should have a positive effect on my weight loss!!

Weigh in

Good morning all.

Today’s weigh in is: 225

Still stuck at the same weight. Last week I started doing the 5:2 diet, it went Ok, however because I over ate at the end of the week I haven’t seen any difference in my weight. This week will be a more ‘normal’ week so next week I will see a difference. I will!

Must lose a stone by Christmas……