Post Christmas Damage

And I don’t mean flooding and storm damage.

Well, 2014 is fast approaching and I am bigger than ever.

But that’s OK. It’s a new start, a new year, new opportunities for change.

2014 is going to be the year I change my habits and eat better. I will go to the gym, eat well, and be happy. That’s the plan. No diet fads and schemes, just eating whole foods and exercising. I’m going to be keeping it simple.

Of course, I will want to challenge myself, but I’d rather get into a routine of eating well and regular exercise before doing so. Also, exercise is a challenge regardless.

Lets kick this weight out the front door for 2014!


Woo gym day! did lots of cardio. Felt pretty epic…

Did some ruuuninggg. ran for longer than I thought I could, which felt epic. I think it was approx 4-5 mins in one go, then again a bit after for 2-3mins. I also did incline walking in between. All while watching Big Bang Theory 😀

I also did 20mins on the cross trainer, while watching HARRY POTTER. It made me happy.

Next Gym day: Thursday!

Goal: run more! – perhaps think about the couch to 5k programme again? but inside this time? As K9 would say, ‘Affirmative’

Monday Blues

Well, it’s that time again – Weigh day.

As usual, I have not lost anything. Still stuck hovering around the same weight.

Food is like an addiction, it’s just too nice to not eat it. To be fair, I did have a Christmas Feast with my friends over the weekend. Next week will be better.

On a different note, I had my gym induction on Saturday (with a school friend-small world!) and did a small workout. The gym equipment is pretty cool, on the cardio equipment there are screens that you can access TV, apps, connect your phone and follow different running/cycling courses through Germany and Paris and other locations. Pretty snazzy, right? Am looking forward to using it more. This week I’m going to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday (depending on when my cousins are coming over). This alongside not eating so much crap, should help my weight to be lower next week.

Goal: 222 Pounds

Error. Bizarre weigh in.


S health stats there for you.  Foods been high, but usually that would either maintain or be a pound or two.

Apparently not.

According to the scales, I put on 6 pounds in 2 days, then from yesterday to today, lost 3 pounds.


The most logical explanations I can think of are as follows:
1: the scales are broken.
2: I’m rapidly taking on water and losing it again.
3: I’m a mutant.

On a different note, I’ve joined a gym.  Anytime Fitness, open 24/7 and will have classes too. Waiting on an induction at the moment, but I work during their staffed hours. So I’ll probably have to do it on the weekend, which means missing out on a whole week of gym-ing because I work full time. Boo.

Next week I am aiming for a stablised 224 pounds.

11.12.13 EDIT: Weighed myself again this morning, the scales were much more reasonable, 224 pounds. Goal for next week: 222 pounds.

Weigh in


I feel very disheartened about my weight at the moment. I’ve been extremely bloated for the past week or so and I can’t stop eating. It’s horrible. I need to just stop for a while so the bloatyness can go away! And, of course, I’ve yo yo’d back up again. I feel like I can’t win! Clearly I need to try harder and get some exercise in but it’s so difficult to do that when I have no time.

It’s difficult. Especially at this time of year.

Next week I want to be 222.