Monday Blues

Well, it’s that time again – Weigh day.

As usual, I have not lost anything. Still stuck hovering around the same weight.

Food is like an addiction, it’s just too nice to not eat it. To be fair, I did have a Christmas Feast with my friends over the weekend. Next week will be better.

On a different note, I had my gym induction on Saturday (with a school friend-small world!) and did a small workout. The gym equipment is pretty cool, on the cardio equipment there are screens that you can access TV, apps, connect your phone and follow different running/cycling courses through Germany and Paris and other locations. Pretty snazzy, right? Am looking forward to using it more. This week I’m going to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday (depending on when my cousins are coming over). This alongside not eating so much crap, should help my weight to be lower next week.

Goal: 222 Pounds