Wednesday Weigh Day

Good morning early risers!

Today is the first Wednesday Weigh Day. I last Weighed in at 229 pounds/104kg.

Today: 229lbs / 104 kg

I know for sure that my weight went down, up, and back down again. So I’m not to distraught that I haven’t lost anything. I had a bad food weekend so I was expecting to put on. Weekends are a big part of why I decided to weigh in on Wednesdays, I think it will give me a much more accurate veiw of my weight, rather than a veiw of bloating and extra weight from the weekend.

I would like to take this time-while travelling to work-to remind myself of my goals:

NY resolution: I will lose a minimum of 2 stone by July.

Fitness Goal: Climb Ben Nevis in April

Ultimate Goal weight: 130 pounds / 59 kilos

The first two are achievable goals to drive me to get healthy. The last one is my ideal weight. I really want this. So much. 2014 is the year I do this thing.

A Gym Post

Went to the gym yesterday, woo.

Here’s my workout:

Cross trainer – 35 mins, level 3

Tricep resistance – 3 x 10 reps 14kg

Abs resistance – 3 x 10 reps 15kg

Squat – 2 x 20 second holds with 3kg medicine ball

Leg press resistance – 3 x 10 reps 30kg

Bike machine – 10mins, level 10

Cross trainer – 7 mins, level 3-5

Time: 1h

And voila. I was suitably smelly after that.

Thus begins my Ben Nevis training…

Monday Musings

Good morning all. No weigh in today, I’ve decided to change weigh in day to Wednesdays. Weigh-in Wednesday has a better ring to it. I’m a sucker for alliteration, what can I say? That’s not the only reason of course. I also think that it will be better for my morale to weigh in mid week, so that if I’m naughty over the weekend it’s not as dire and I feel less crap about it on Mondays. By Wednesdays I should have a more accurate weight reading.

I was also thinking about the gym and the best times to go. I was thinking about going in the mornings to see if this is better for me, despite having to get up at the crack of dawn. But the downside is having to carry my towel, smelly gym stuff and shower stuff around with me to London and back. I’m not sure that’s a good idea…

Then I thought about running. This doesn’t have to be done at a gym, I can run outside. Even though is harder and infinitely colder. Perhaps I could run in the mornings, then weights and resistance in the evenings at the gym. Maybe.

Or I could even go to work earlier and run around Battersea Park. Depending on If I can use the shower at work.

I don’t knoooowwwwww.

I guess I’ll just have to give each a go and see how I feel from there. See which works better for me…ugh. Early mornings are hard enough at the moment!

Oh, and I forgot to mention-I’m climbing Ben Nevis in April. Apparantly. So lots of training required. I’m aware it can be climbed in a day. That doesn’t mean I’m going to find it easy. Keeping up with boyfriends and friends is going to be difficult! 

Enjoy your Monday morning…

Random musings

Do you ever find that when you start running/working out suddenly It’s like you’re part of a clan?

I mean, there’s the whole tracking progress thing, and if you talk to another runner or whatnot you compare and talk about ways to improve, goals and such…

I know that’s not actually that weird, it’s good to talk to others about your workout regime. It’s more the feeling of all belonging to one big club. An exercise club.

Something that is quite weird is approving of other runners & exercisers. For example, yesterday I was on my way home after the gym, got off the bus and saw a man running. My immediate thoughts were ‘good man’. Instant approval! What is that about?! I was thinking about this afterwards and came to the conclusion that I admired him for being out running when it was so cold, it was 4°c out! (I’m aware that for some people that’s nothing compared to temps they run in, that just makes me admire them more!)

Is this just something I do?? Or is everyone aware of the exercise club and approve of random runners????

Monday Weighday!

Weigh in: 229 pounds
Loss of 3 pounds

This is probably water weight going bye byes, or holiday bloating finally disappearing. Either way it’s a good thing!

Have eaten a lot better this week. I’ve been actively trying to get my 5 a day in and drink 2 litres of water, which I think it’s what is making the difference. And resisting the office biscuits! Towards the end of the week I wasn’t quite so good, but I’m back to eating well again this week. Plus going to the gym, with the new regime the PT did with me last week.

Still feeling good about 2014. This year will be the year I lose it.

Personal Training Session

My gym membership came with an unexpected bonus – a free personal training session. Yay

I had this today, after work. felt a bit awkward about it, but she did a lot of good stuff with me, and we looked at how much I could lift on the different free weights and resistance machines. We did some cardio as well, and improving stamina. (She got me to jog on the treadmill, and I was already pretty wiped from all of the other things we had done!). The session was more to look at what I want to improve and what exercises/machines would achieve that.

OK, so I cant remember everything we did…but I’ve listed what I can remember!

  • Warm up: 5 mins on the cross-trainer, on level 5 (this can be whatever resistance you are comfortable with, something that isn’t too strenuous, but you can feel)
  • Stretches! VERY important of course. stretch everything from head to toe, and why not throw in some yoga poses!
  • Cable Pull downs, 6.5kg, 8-10 x 3 (I don’t know the correct terms for these, so forgive me if I am wrong!)
  • Cable row, 9kg, 8-10 x 3.
  • Free weights: Leg Press, 10kg each side, 8-10 x 3
  • Free weights: Chest Press, 5kg each side, 8-10 x3
  • Swiss ball squats: 4kg, squat and hold for 10 seconds x 3
  • Walking lunges: 3kg, lunge across studio and back 3-4 times
  • Resistance machines: Abs, 10kg 8-10 x 3
  • Resistance machines: Triceps (pushing away action. Elbows rest on pad, arms push away) approx. 5-7.5kg
  • Resistance machines: Leg lift (sat down, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • Resistance machine: Backwards leg lift (laid down on front, ankles hooked under roll cushion, lift legs) approx 10kg
  • The Plank… 3 x 10 second intervals. Increase this as you get better!
  • Treadmill: 8.5% incline, 4.5mph; a brisk walk up an incline. After 5 mins or so, switch to 0% incline, and a jogging speed. I was on 6.5mph. This was a very light jog, and I was knackered! ran for about 3-4mins before stopping. (I got a stitch and needed water. No water bottle! Have been instructed to bring bottle next time)

After this, we had a chat about nutrition and she gave me some info on this with meal plan suggestions. We didn’t do the whole workout today, I did minimum 1 set of each, but the whole shebang on the squats, lunges and plank. The idea of this plan is to increase the reps to 15-20, and increase the weights being lifted. This will up both endurance and strength. It’s a flexible plan, for example I don’t have to do all of my sets at once, I could machine jump and do the next set after a different set. I like it. It’s encouraged me to use more of the machines and to get more involved in pushing myself to improve the weight I’m lifting.

I have a feeling I may end up a lifting loony like my bestest bud, RoanRider . Maybe. Maybe not. 

I have another session booked with my PT in the beginning of February. This one is not free, however I am going to give it a go to see if I feel it’s worth sticking with a PT, or going it alone (with some help from the internet…)

Happy Wednesday!

Energise You by Oliver Gray

wpid-20140106_134156.jpgHappy Monday!

I’m changing it up a little and reviewing a book today…

My bestest buddy gave me this book for Christmas. I started reading it yesterday, and I didn’t want to put it down. It’s not like a self-help book in which you read all the technical jargon and research behind a basic concept. It’s just the facts laid out, and methods to live a better lifestyle. Very easy to read, very easy to implement. It’s awesome, so many good points and ideas. It’s like a happiness handbook!

The author talks about making healthy habits to enhance your well being, and improve your lifestyle. some of these are simple things like ensure you eat 5 fruit/veg a day, and drink 1.5-2 liters of water; some of the others are more to do with being grateful for what you have and creating a positive life outlook.

I heartily suggest reading this book, and implementing the ideas it suggests. I certainly will be, and I will also be referring back to the ideas and habits in this book whenever I am feeling unsatisfied with myself and my life.