Wednesday Weigh Day

Good morning early risers!

Today is the first Wednesday Weigh Day. I last Weighed in at 229 pounds/104kg.

Today: 229lbs / 104 kg

I know for sure that my weight went down, up, and back down again. So I’m not to distraught that I haven’t lost anything. I had a bad food weekend so I was expecting to put on. Weekends are a big part of why I decided to weigh in on Wednesdays, I think it will give me a much more accurate veiw of my weight, rather than a veiw of bloating and extra weight from the weekend.

I would like to take this time-while travelling to work-to remind myself of my goals:

NY resolution: I will lose a minimum of 2 stone by July.

Fitness Goal: Climb Ben Nevis in April

Ultimate Goal weight: 130 pounds / 59 kilos

The first two are achievable goals to drive me to get healthy. The last one is my ideal weight. I really want this. So much. 2014 is the year I do this thing.

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