Workout Wednesday!

Just finished up at the gym, and am waiting for my bus home. Why not blog while I wait? In realtime-the bus just turned up and I’m blogging on the way home now. The joys of technology.

Ok, so gym. Here’s what I did:

Cross trainer-Hill intervals level 16 average. 45mins, 3 miles, 584 calories

Tricep resistance-14kg, 3 x 10 reps
Leg press resistance-30kg, 3 x 10 reps

Treadmill-10 mins, invervals: 90secs walk, 60 secs jog. 3m cooldown. 1.16 miles, 103 calories.

When I get home: short beginners yoga routine. And a shower. Sweaty is not a strong enough word…

EDIT : I have just seen that this is my 200th post! How exciting!

Weigh in Wednesday

I put on again. Story of my life. I am not able to resist the biscuits from the kitchen at work. I also ate a lot over the weekend as I was away visiting family in sunny Cornwall.

Here are my stats.

Last week: 228 pounds
Today: 231pounds
Goal: 222 pounds by Ben Nevis (4 weeks)

To battle the biscuits I’m going to grab some fruit and keep that on my desk, to avoid wandering to the kitchen and back. I also need to actually find some self control for a change and choose to not be fat. Let’s be honest here, being the biggest person in the office is never going to be a good thing.

This week I am gyming twice, going on a hike at the weekend, and walking up the dreaded work stairs (Instead of taking the lift).


2 sessions to report! Both shorter than my usual, but unfortunately I got to the gym later than usual and am a little trapped by the constraints of public transport. When I’m driving this will be easier. ..


Cross trainer: 30mins, 379cals, 3.59km. Average level: 15


Cross trainer: 35 mins, 428cals, 2.19miles. Average level: 16
Shoulder press resistance: 14kg, 2 x 10 reps

Like I said, short ones. But quite intense nonetheless.

Next week I need to go more, and make sure that I get there with time to do more.

Weigh in day

It’s that time of week again – Weigh in day!

I feel I also need to reiterate my goals to myself, so my apologies for repeating myself, but I’m in need of some self-encouragement!

Last week: 228 Pounds

This week: 228 pounds

No loss or gain this week, I’m a little surprised as over the weekend I ate a lot. Though I suppose hiking must have counteracted that. (Yay)

My Goals:

In 5 weeks time: loose 7 pounds. I want to have lost this by the time I climb Ben Nevis. More would be nice of course, but I think this is very achievable.

NY resolution: loose 2 stone minimum by July (weigh in at 200 pounds)

Summer goal: 180 pounds

Healthy BMI goal: 145 pounds

Ultimate goal: 130 pounds

I need to stay positive and cut out all the crap. I’m choosing to challenge myself with things throughout the year, like with climbing Ben Nevis. My next challenge is yet to be decided, but I’m thinking along the lines of running. Maybe a 5k race or something of the sort.

Happy Wednesday everybody

Ben Nevis Training Hike #1

On Sunday my mountaineering friends and I went on a woodland hike to train for Ben Nevis. We were really lucky with the weather, lovely and clear and not too cold.


Location: Shorne Wood Country Park
Trail type: Woodland
Distance: 7.5km total
Time: 2h 45m (however this includes a stop between the two trails we walked)

Shorne Wood has several different routes varying in length and difficulty. Firstly we tackled a 1.5km trail to warm up. This was pretty easy, however we did get a taste of what was yet to come. Mud. A lot of mud.


That’s me in the bright orange, contemplating how to cross the mud field

We stopped briefly to consult the trail maps, and decided on the longest walking path-the Explorer trail. 6km round trip through wood and field. Mostly woods. And mud. So mushy that I almost lost my boots several times!  What a way to test my new walking boots! They held up really well. Incase you were wondering. We messed around and explored, and stumbled across a mud mountain, a faery ring and a very climbable tree.


Panoramic of the faery ring

I had a lot of fun doing this with my friends (and boyfriend) however it was also a challenge. Mainly because of the muddy inclines and declines…but also because I still have a phlegmy chest from being ill. I don’t see this going away anytime soon unfortunately 😥 I’m really looking forward to the next hike, I want to push for longer next time to really test our endurance! Next weekend I’m hoping to get out on a clifftop hike, but I’ll update you as to whether this happens or not!

Here’s some pics of our antics!


Walking along the least muddy parts!


Water unsullied by the surrounding mud


Climbing mud mountain


More mud!



Just hanging out…


Claiming mud mountain



I’ve been very ill this week so haven not been able to make it to the gym 😦 however, the week before I did gym, and here’s what I did below.


Treadmill 10 mins, 1 kilometre
Crosstrainer 35mins, 5 kilometres
Triceps resistance 14kg, 3 x 10 reps
Shoulder press resistance 7kg, 3 x 10 reps
Leg press resistance 30kg, 3 x 10 reps
Abdominal resistance 15kg, 3 x 10 reps
Crosstrainer 15 mins

Phew. Booooom.


I was meant to have a personal training session today, however my trainer left the gym and the other PT’s were not available for a session. So I just did my own thing.

Cross trainer 45mins, 460cals, 4.31 miles
Triceps resistance 14kg, 3 x 10 reps
Leg press resistance 30kg, 3 x 10 reps
Abdominal resistance 15kg, 3 x 10 reps
Cross trainer 22mins, 238 cals, 1.94 miles

High intensity cross trainer is my friend. That’s the one that will get me up a mountain!

I want to get back to the gym this week, I need to train more!!!!

Early Weigh Day

I know weigh in day is tomorrow…buuut…it’s my Birthday tomorrow, so I decided to weigh in a little early to avoid thinking about my weight while eating my Birthday cake!

So last week, I had put on…what was it, 4 pounds? so I was at 233 Pounds. I’d eaten badly and was all bloaty and whatnot.

This week: 228 Pounds

A loss of 5 pounds. So…either my scales are insane, or My body was extra super bloated? I’m not sure…but there we go.

I’ve come down with a horrible cold, it’s very fluey. So I haven’t been able to get to the gym this week yet, I’m hoping this clears up ASAP. I’m already going to be ill for my birthday 😦 boooo!

Next week I will be happy to maintain Obviously I’ll be happier if I loose but as I’m ill and it’s my birthday… So I’m aiming for 228 again, perhaps 227 depending on how quickly I recover!